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Why should you choose Airmeet Clone for a colossal success?

Video conferencing apps have become the new sensation after the pandemic situation. It has become the staple for collaboration in the workplace. More companies are adopting this new solution to achieve smooth communication from anywhere in the world.

A report states, more than half of the companies have said that they find the video conferencing Solution more collaborative, and around 50% said that they are more innovative.

Remote work has grown by 159% since 2005, as they are more affordable and convenient . Video conferencing has played a massive role in the shift, according to the reports, as 51% of employees have been taking video calls from their homes.

Benefits of the video conferencing app:

  • Healthier balance: The flexibility is preventing employees from burning out of pressure and from quitting their jobs. The major reasons for employees quitting are heavy workload, stress at the workplace, and also due to dissatisfaction with the job- these can be mediated by flexible work schedules. With 43% of employees, the video conferencing has helped with these.

  • Better productivity: More than 40% of the companies have said that the apps have made their employees more engaged than before. The video conferencing apps have been cited by 80% for one-on-one meetings, 78% for team meetings or stand ups, and 77% for group meetings or company town halls and 62% for the client or partner meetings.

Moreover, over 40% of the respondents have said that video conferencing apps have increased productivity in different locations according to the report.

  • Less travel: According to a report, approximately 33% of the workers have said that these apps have reduced business travel and have increased productivity without making any expensive, time-consuming trips.

Uses of video conferencing in different verticals:

Remote communication is also employed in other verticals such as in healthcare or education apart from corporates.

In education- Both in K-12 and in higher education systems, there are many remote students and hybrid classes, which can be attended by the students online. Through a professional video conferencing setup, teachers can still educate students just like on campus.

In healthcare- Doctors can connect with their patients and ensure that the patients receive comprehensive care irrespective of their locations. Doctors, of any field can support their patient’s needs effectively. Patients can utilize this technology to connect with their families when they are at the in-patient facility.

There are many other industries benefited because of the video conferencing app.

An industry holding this much importance in today's world cannot be guaranteed to face the downfall any sooner. For entrepreneurs looking to expand their business or start a new business, this is going to be the best option worth considering.

Though creating a video conferencing app is no easy feat, it is not rocket science either. People who would like to develop it in a smarter way can go for the Airmeet Clone solution.

The white-label Airmeet Clone solution is a smarter way to reduce the time and effort compared to the time spent in creating the app from scratch.

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